Frequently asked questions

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02- Which is the diameter of my hood air outlet?

All hoods with a 600m3/h motor require a 125mm diameter pipe.
All hoods with 800m3/h e 950m3/h motor require a 150mm diameter pipe instead.

03- Which size is right for my hood?

Hoods must always be wider than your cooking hob:
- by about 10% for wall and island models;
- by 20-30% for ceiling models. 

04- Which is the optimum distance between the hood and the hob?

65-75 cm for wall and island hoods. Maximum 150 cm for ceiling hoods.

05- What are the most suitable hoods for induction hobs?

Ceiling, wall and island ones with visible metallic filters. Do not choose sloped models, with perimetral suction or with glass panels.

06- Where can I find tutorials for the installation of the most complex hoods?

For a step by step installation guide check out Falmec Youtube and Vimeo channels!

07- Do pipes and junctions come with the hood?

No, you should order them separately, choosing the ones which are more suitable to your installing solution.

08- Is condensation greater with induction or gas hobs?

With induction hobs, because they just warm the pot and not the sorrounding area, causing an increase of condensation.

09- How can I avoid condensation?

- Choose the right hood (dimension and power).
- Select the maximum suction speed.
- Turn on the hood before start cooking and program a late turn off.
- If you can, open the window.
- Use the lid pot.
- Don't use an excessive induction hob power.

010- Which is the perfect hood model for my induction hob?

The best solution is a worktop or ceiling model. If you want a wall or island hood, do not choose perimetral suction. It's better a model with filters in view, bigger than the hob and positioned higher than the standard (160 cm from the floor).

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